age author description
2011-04-30 csjewell Updating version number on changed files to 1.500001.
2011-04-30 csjewell Adding check between the 'expected-zip' and 'expected-msi'.
2011-04-30 csjewell Checking for no dots in directory names in the type system.
2011-04-29 chorny remove cpan/Metadata too
2011-04-21 chorny typo
2011-04-19 chorny "-withoutworldwriteables" is part of archive name, but not part of inner directory name
2011-04-18 chorny new prereqs of Module::Build
2011-04-18 chorny special case Unicode-Normalize is no longer needed
2011-04-18 chorny skip upgrading all modules, skip modules installed into vendor, because they are already latest versions except when necessary to have an old version
2011-04-18 chorny skip Devel-DProf version with problems because it does not contain anything new
2011-04-17 chorny use old version of LWP, because new version creates problems for https on 64 bit systems
2011-04-17 chorny LWP dependencies for a new version (commented out)
2011-04-17 chorny compatibility with new Moose
2011-02-23 csjewell Fix the MANIFEST.SKIP.
2011-02-23 csjewell Rename environment.t (infinite-loops in harness)
2011-02-23 csjewell Add files extracted by Dist::Zilla to MANIFEST.SKIP
2011-02-23 csjewell Updating Changes file preparatory to release.
2011-02-23 csjewell Test META.json instead of META.yaml.
2011-02-23 csjewell Get exclusions right.
2011-02-23 csjewell Fix tests.
2011-02-23 csjewell Add a Mercurial check as part of making a dist.
2011-02-20 csjewell Add link to 5.12.2 documentation.
2011-02-20 csjewell Change label on CPAN Search link.
2011-02-20 csjewell Get the 'right-click' polished.
2011-02-19 csjewell Including this in preparation for the next version.
2011-02-19 csjewell Updating requirements.
2011-02-19 csjewell Fixes found when building...
2011-02-14 csjewell Math::BigRat 0.2602 is out and fixes the test fail.
2011-02-13 csjewell Dealing with a test failure in Math::
2011-02-13 csjewell Don't need this now.
2011-02-13 csjewell Use YAML as Parse::CPAN::Meta backend.
2011-02-13 csjewell Add and move requirements.
2011-02-13 csjewell Updating Module::CoreList version for 5.12.3
2011-02-13 csjewell Adding toolchain support for 5.12.3.
2011-02-12 csjewell Forcing the toolchain to install CPAN on 5.10.1.
2011-02-12 csjewell Move prereqs for the new M::B to the toolchain.
2011-02-12 csjewell Update version of CPAN that's installed.
2011-02-12 csjewell Need one more directory down...
2011-02-12 csjewell Use the right command, and give it the parameter.
2011-02-12 csjewell Create sources directory if needed.
2011-02-10 Curtis Jewell Updating Module::Build build directions.
2011-02-09 Curtis Jewell Updating regexes for -withoutworldwritables stuff.
2011-02-08 csjewell Moving new.t test out of the way for now.
2011-02-08 csjewell Ignoring needed files.
2011-02-08 csjewell Making 000_report_versions.t run only if needed
2011-02-08 csjewell Reverting revision 940
2011-02-04 adamk Simplifying tests, reducing tests and hopefully making things a little more maintainable
2010-11-05 csjewell Update locked version numbers.
2010-11-04 csjewell Getting release-ready.
2010-11-04 csjewell Updating toolchain module dev versions.
2010-11-04 csjewell Setting to version 1.500 for release.
2010-11-04 csjewell Recomitting 12997 post-merge.
2010-11-04 csjewell Merging "pluggable" branch in before release.
2010-11-04 csjewell Reverting r12997 temporarily.
2010-08-30 chorny use new 'data' directory in File::HomeDir
2010-08-30 chorny Portable will have it's own dir to use insead of home
2010-08-30 chorny missing Config variables for 5.12
2010-08-01 csjewell 1) Updating version to 1.250_100.
2010-08-01 csjewell Committing release adjustments back to trunk (branched a little early)
2010-07-30 csjewell It turns out Moose 1.09 warns of a few things that previously were fine. Blocking it until post-release, when it can be fixed.