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2009-02-10 csjewell Changed to be a hashref internally instead of an arrayref.
2009-02-09 csjewell 1) Fix bug if testing one level underneath root in 08_files_directoryref.t
2009-02-09 csjewell Fixing distribution build files...
2009-02-09 csjewell Adding long tests...
2009-02-09 csjewell 1) Adding and fixing tests
2009-02-09 csjewell 1) Renamed wrong file (wanted wix_script test last)
2009-02-09 csjewell 1) Moving component test to last for the moment.
2009-02-08 csjewell 15 more duplicate directories.
2009-02-08 csjewell 5 more duplicate directories.
2009-02-07 csjewell More duplicated directories in upgrading cpan area...
2009-02-07 csjewell One more default duplicate directory.
2009-02-07 csjewell 1 more duplicate directory... and bug fix for directory comparison during search.
2009-02-06 csjewell 1) Moving directory fraqgments get created in so they get deleted by default on new build.
2009-02-06 csjewell URI's heuristic test won't work if your ISP uses a DNS redirector, so forcing it.
2009-02-06 csjewell 1) Fixing problem with missing files in Time::Piece and Pod::Simple
2009-02-05 csjewell Run through perltidy.
2009-02-05 csjewell 1) Updated cpan.ico with transparency and no 256x256 size.
2009-02-04 csjewell Updating test (load_array requires the files to exist, so I'm updating the test and adding some files to work with.)
2009-02-03 csjewell 1) Final fixes to have icons working (they do)
2009-02-03 csjewell Again, a fix for icon_id (it wasn't getting passed through.)
2009-02-02 csjewell Had renamed file to the wrong name.
2009-02-02 csjewell Upping version to 0.13_01
2009-02-02 csjewell 1) Handle .AAA files (they won't copy over the right files if we don't manually do it here.)
2009-02-02 csjewell 1) Making search_packlist public
2009-02-01 csjewell 1) Adding a few more duplicate directories in
2009-01-31 csjewell More duplicate directories...
2009-01-31 csjewell 1) Updating for Perl::Dist 1.12
2009-01-30 csjewell Getting the directory tree correct, so Perl goes in the right place.
2009-01-30 csjewell Perl::Dist::WiX links an MSI without errors now.
2009-01-30 csjewell 1. Sitename stored in
2009-01-30 csjewell 1. Documenting (oops)
2009-01-29 csjewell Fixing some bugs found during test-writing...
2009-01-28 csjewell 1) Updating tests to currently pass, including new tests
2009-01-28 csjewell This revision finally compiled an .msi.
2009-01-28 csjewell Placement error.
2009-01-28 csjewell 0.11_07 Tue 27 Jan 2009 Curtis Jewell <>
2009-01-28 csjewell 1) More documentation.
2009-01-27 csjewell 1) Keyword
2009-01-27 csjewell 1. Adding svn keywords to the
2009-01-26 csjewell More documentation and bugfixes...
2009-01-23 csjewell 1) Bug fixes in directory search routine
2009-01-22 csjewell Documentation, bugfixes, and adding and
2009-01-21 csjewell 0.11_06: More bug fixes.
2009-01-21 csjewell Moved up one level, created
2009-01-20 csjewell First pass on main template.
2009-01-20 csjewell More documentation and bug fixes.
2009-01-19 csjewell 1) Updated Perl::Dist::WiX to match Perl::Dist::Inno 1.11
2009-01-19 csjewell 0.11_05 Mon 19 Jan 2009 Curtis Jewell <>
2009-01-18 csjewell 1. Change _insert_fragment to insert_fragment
2009-01-18 csjewell Update of Perl::Dist::WiX to version 0.11_04
2009-01-17 csjewell (Forgot log entry)
2009-01-17 csjewell *** empty log message ***
2008-10-11 adamk All tests skip on Unix
2008-10-11 adamk All tests skip on Unix
2008-10-11 adamk Preping for first dev release
2008-10-11 adamk Preping for first dev release
2008-10-11 adamk Adding more bits of WiX XML Schema
2008-10-11 adamk Adding skeleton for WiX <File> tag
2008-10-10 adamk First stable point
2008-10-10 adamk Dumping in the initial skeleton