age author description
2010-04-25 csjewell Getting mingw-make/gmake licenses installed right.
2010-04-25 csjewell The relocation code got included into the ClearFolder DLL, so deleting the leftover code.
2010-04-24 csjewell Extracting repeated code, fixing comments that would have problems being perltidied, explaining a few things better in comments.
2010-04-23 csjewell Updating to Test::Perl::Dist 0.300.
2010-04-22 csjewell Fix for RT#54925 @ (almost fell through cracks)
2010-04-22 csjewell Syntax fix
2010-04-22 csjewell Decided not to release 1.102_103, incrementing version number to 1.200 for final.
2010-04-21 kmx gcc-licenses should go to strawberry root
2010-04-21 csjewell Adding a switch to allow switching between Perl and C++ DLL relocation in the .msi's, as described in .
2010-04-19 csjewell Small doc error.
2010-04-19 csjewell Updating Changes in preparation for release.
2010-04-19 csjewell perltidy, making sure that author tests pass.
2010-04-19 csjewell Get rid of temporary URL.
2010-04-19 csjewell will now set the trace object from itself, rather than having creating it.
2010-04-18 csjewell Syntax error in previous commit :(
2010-04-18 csjewell Fine-tuning the rapier - only the 3.x gcc toolchain needs the overwritable bit set.
2010-04-18 csjewell It turns out the freeglut library overwrites a file in the gcc toolchain.
2010-04-18 csjewell Updating build procedure because 5.12.0 version of Module::CoreList is out.
2010-04-18 csjewell Putting the release version of the new custom actions up.
2010-04-17 csjewell Accidentally deleted one line too many fixing the 64-bit config.h file.
2010-04-17 csjewell Finally got the relocation CA to work.
2010-04-16 csjewell Try number 5 at getting the relocation custom actions to pick up information.
2010-04-16 csjewell Correcting a documentation error.
2010-04-16 csjewell Try #3 (it needs to be a deferred custom action, which can therefore only access CustomActionData.)
2010-04-15 csjewell First pass at getting the C version of the relocation CA merged in.
2010-04-13 csjewell 1) Removing 5.11.5 support.
2010-04-12 csjewell Change that "use" of the optional UnXz module to a "require"...
2010-04-12 csjewell Add comment about (beta) .xz support.
2010-04-12 csjewell Change one exception to a PDWiX::File.
2010-04-12 csjewell Getting the 5.12.0 support working.
2010-04-12 csjewell 1) Adding ability to extract .tar.bz2 files.
2010-04-12 csjewell Moving files about.
2010-04-12 csjewell Checkpointing for the night (getting the patch_template instead of creating our own)
2010-04-12 csjewell Moving merge-module template file to match previous bugfixes.
2010-04-12 csjewell Finally found the bug I've been looking for that's been preventing compiling an installer for the last few days.
2010-04-11 csjewell Moving the file down a directory (so as to get rid of duplicated code.)
2010-04-11 csjewell Been trying to find a weird error - still can't find it.
2010-04-10 csjewell Checkpointing changes:
2010-04-06 csjewell Fixing small errors, getting checkpointing to work better.
2010-04-05 csjewell Checkpointing is working (verified), WiX is working again.
2010-04-05 csjewell Fixing bug in perl that meant that Module::Build would not pass tests.
2010-04-05 csjewell Checkpoint
2010-04-04 csjewell Checkpointing work (mostly replacing duplicate routines)
2010-04-04 csjewell Finally got the directory checking structure to work, getting rid of some deprecated calls.
2010-04-03 csjewell Checkpointing current work.
2010-04-03 csjewell Misordered perl\bin and perl\site\bin.
2010-04-03 csjewell Updating for new perl\site\bin directory.
2010-04-03 csjewell Fix some of RT#55949 (forgot the library files for the toolchains, forgot v2 toolchain for 64-bit.)
2010-04-03 csjewell Updating Build.PL (passing xt/899_prereq.t, among other things.)
2010-04-02 csjewell Finishing up documentation for now, getting things to pass all author tests (809 is TODO'd, but improving).
2010-04-01 csjewell More documentation work, splitting off
2010-03-31 csjewell Take out TODO section of POD, as those two things are basically completed.
2010-03-31 csjewell Adding last few routines, untodoing xt/802_pod_coverage.t.
2010-03-31 csjewell TODOing pod_coverage test, more documentation work.
2010-03-30 csjewell Documentation work updates, adding two new author tests.
2010-03-28 csjewell More documentation updates.
2010-03-28 csjewell More documentation updates.
2010-03-27 kmx improvement - fixes the situation when the script is invoked from different directory than the directory to be relocated
2010-03-27 csjewell Updating Changes file, deleting file that we aren't using.
2010-03-27 csjewell We're insisting on pod coverage of all public methods for 1.102_103.