age author description
2011-06-24 Curtis Jewell Fixing up ignore list.default tip
2010-05-15 csjewell Adding link text to pod
2010-05-15 csjewell Getting META.yml file information right.
2010-05-15 csjewell Update version of Test::More
2010-05-15 csjewell Pod formatting.
2010-05-15 csjewell Use Pod::Coverage::TrustPod instead of Pod::Coverage
2010-05-15 csjewell Get rid of deprecation warning.
2010-05-15 csjewell Get rid of undefined warning.
2010-05-15 csjewell Rearranging test locations
2010-05-15 csjewell Updating perlcritic test information
2010-05-15 csjewell Perltidy run.
2010-05-15 csjewell Adding standard author tests and settings.
2010-05-15 csjewell Adding .hg and MYMETA.yml to MANIFEST.SKIP.
2010-05-15 csjewell Adding standard actions.
2010-05-15 csjewell Updating version in main file.
2010-05-15 csjewell Supporting x64 systems better.
2010-05-15 csjewell Adding choice to download 64-bit version.
2009-10-20 chorny Test::More should be in build_requires
2009-07-28 csjewell Updating ignored file list.
2009-07-28 csjewell Updating documentation to match Perl requirement.
2009-07-28 csjewell Adding tests (and making sure they pass) prior to release.
2009-07-11 csjewell Deleting file not being used at the moment.
2009-07-11 csjewell Commit work on 1.305419.
2009-07-11 csjewell Starting work on updating to WiX 3.0.5419 and allowing for Wix 3.5
2009-06-11 csjewell Updating release automation to let the script know it's interactive.
2009-06-11 csjewell Final 3.0.5405:
2009-06-09 csjewell Working on 3.0.5405:
2009-05-04 csjewell Updating to Module::Build::Functions.
2009-05-02 csjewell Updating to WiX 3.0.5301
2009-04-28 csjewell Forgot to update README.
2009-04-28 csjewell Updated to 0.305224
2009-04-19 csjewell Updating dependency version.
2009-04-18 csjewell 0.305217
2009-04-11 csjewell 0.305210: Updating WiX usage to 3.0.5210
2009-04-07 csjewell Ignoring generated files...
2009-04-07 csjewell Deleting generated files.
2009-04-07 csjewell Importing Alien::WiX 0.305207.