age author description
2011-06-15 Curtis Jewell Updating skip file.default tip
2011-06-15 Curtis Jewell I don't think a module exists called Amy::Moose! *grin*
2011-06-15 Curtis Jewell Turns out we need MouseX::NativeTraits to work with Mouse.
2011-06-09 Curtis Jewell Getting ready for 1.000.
2010-07-26 csjewell Do not need this file anymore.
2010-02-13 csjewell Whoops! Forgot to release this. Doing so now.
2009-12-24 csjewell Had the skip in the wrong order.
2009-12-24 csjewell 0.202 - fix for bug in Perl::Dist::WiX with filenames with forward slashes...
2009-11-12 csjewell Getting Build.PL updated for current module requirements, adding MYMETA.yml to the MANIFEST.SKIP.
2009-11-12 csjewell Version number and other documentation fixes - preparing for release of 0.201.
2009-11-12 csjewell Doing stuff to get ready for release.
2009-11-12 csjewell Algorithm error in test.
2009-11-12 csjewell Committing changes to allow attributes for a file in a filelist.
2009-08-09 csjewell Adding a license file declaration.
2009-08-02 csjewell Cleaning up documentation, tests, and all the other little nitpicky things before 0.200 release.
2009-06-26 csjewell Updating perlcritic settings and test script to work with the newest dev version.
2009-06-26 csjewell Forgot to update version numbers. Doing so now.
2009-06-26 csjewell 0.190: Forgot to run author tests. OOPS.
2009-06-25 csjewell File::List::Object 0.189:
2009-06-08 csjewell 0.188: Documentation fixes only.
2009-06-06 csjewell Setting parameters for new modules in my release automation.
2009-06-05 csjewell 0.187:
2009-06-05 csjewell Fixing Abstract...
2009-06-05 csjewell Last file to ignore and delete.
2009-06-05 csjewell More things to delete and ignore.
2009-06-05 csjewell Files to ignore.
2009-06-05 csjewell Extracting from Perl::Dist::WiX.