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2011-06-21 Curtis Jewell Adding version test.default tip
2011-06-12 Curtis Jewell More polishing. All modules install on 64-bit.
2011-06-11 Curtis Jewell Getting all the modules to work and find their packlists.
2011-06-09 Curtis Jewell Almost completely done with Alpha 3!
2011-06-06 Curtis Jewell Through all of the Satori modules (except trying MooseX::Workers again.)
2011-06-04 Curtis Jewell Adding author tests. Release tests will come soon.
2011-06-04 Curtis Jewell Updating build system.
2011-06-04 Curtis Jewell Up to Spreadsheet::ParseExcel now, updating version to 2.4903.
2011-06-04 Curtis Jewell Well into satori_modules_4 now...
2011-06-03 Curtis Jewell Almost done with prerequisites up to Moose at this point.
2011-06-02 Curtis Jewell Make 64-bit builds work for now, and get building up to Padre working.
2011-06-01 Curtis Jewell Handle 64-bit builds, and add gcc4 to the mix.
2011-06-01 Curtis Jewell Add Win32::API on 64-bit.
2011-06-01 Curtis Jewell Get the ignore list started.
2011-06-01 Curtis Jewell First update of Perl::Dist::Chocolate for Beta 3.
2010-07-25 csjewell Preparation for release.
2010-07-24 csjewell Getting all the modules to build at once. :)
2010-07-22 csjewell New version of Data::Dumper::Concise needs Devel::ArgNames
2010-07-22 csjewell Adding release notes.
2010-07-22 csjewell Removing unneeded icon and hard-coding a module.
2010-07-22 csjewell Quoting fix.
2010-07-20 csjewell Updating comment.
2010-07-20 csjewell Changing the install warning to apply to Strawberry Perl Professional.
2010-07-20 csjewell Updating reference in distributions list.
2010-07-20 csjewell Updating Devel-REPL link (which did not work) and text on exit screen.
2010-07-19 csjewell Finally generated an .msi.
2010-07-17 csjewell Almost forgot the CPAN Testers 2.0 stuff.
2010-07-17 csjewell Using "official" frozen-bubble images to make an .ico
2010-07-17 csjewell Locking to SQL::Statement 1.27 until a newer version of Strawberry Perl's merge module is built with an updated DBI.
2010-07-17 csjewell Pinning Padre to 0.64 for the moment.
2010-07-17 csjewell Setting icon type on frozen-bubble.ico
2010-07-17 csjewell Getting the last few modules ordered, and starting to polish the "spit and polish", including adding a Frozen Bubble icon.
2010-07-17 csjewell Updating Strawberry Perl Professional's build order from today's work.
2010-07-16 csjewell Split up into smaller pieces, continuing to reorder/add modules.
2010-07-15 csjewell First pass at updating Strawberry Professional.
2010-03-20 csjewell Updating to new version of Test::Perl::Dist and Module::Install.
2010-02-24 csjewell Adding Win32::Console::ANSI
2010-02-23 csjewell Note to self about r11435/11436.
2010-02-23 csjewell Adding a Dist::Zilla plugin, uncommenting POE.
2010-02-23 csjewell Fix a mislabeled web site.
2010-02-22 csjewell Updating to changes in Task::Kensho 0.21
2010-02-22 csjewell Got told by Sartak that I could remove the Raflbin App::Nopaste module.
2010-02-20 csjewell Turns out we have to have one test at least to release.
2010-02-20 csjewell Getting ready for release.
2010-02-17 csjewell Compensating for the fact that Bio::Perl can't be easily checked against CPAN::Module->uptodate(), and correcting the module counts.
2010-02-17 csjewell Bio::Perl failed due to trying to create a symlink at the end of the installation, so updating to get up-to-date stuff out of the lists.
2010-02-17 csjewell Upgrading to Module::Install 0.93, removing sppedups for full build.
2010-02-17 csjewell Wrong version number in the Changes file.
2010-02-17 csjewell Making final adjustments to the icons, planning on releasing the module tomorrow.
2010-02-16 csjewell In the final stages (the links and accessory files) - just blocking out some of the stuff so we can cycle through the builds faster.
2010-02-16 csjewell This should do it as far as module order is concerned. Doing a full, unforced test now.
2010-02-15 csjewell Checkpointing more work.
2010-02-14 csjewell More work on the Catalyst accessory modules.
2010-02-14 csjewell Use and install the new icons.
2010-02-14 csjewell More work on the launchers (including icons) and module order.
2010-02-14 csjewell 1) Getting down to the end of the module ordering.
2010-02-14 csjewell Committing current work on Chocolate.
2010-02-12 csjewell Some more modules (Task::Moose dependencies, mainly) added to Chocolate.
2010-02-11 csjewell More work on module ordering for Chocolate.
2010-02-11 csjewell Adding some Padre plugins.