age author description
2011-06-21 Curtis Jewell Update version test.default tip
2011-05-29 Curtis Jewell Added tag 2.50 for changeset 5e5f07ea949f
2011-05-29 Curtis Jewell Fix the MANIFEST.SKIP also.2.50
2011-05-29 Curtis Jewell Ignore the correct version.
2011-05-29 Curtis Jewell Preparing for release.
2011-02-09 Curtis Jewell Change compile test to refer to 5.12.2.
2010-10-25 csjewell Preparing for release.
2010-10-13 csjewell Uploaded .bz2, not .gz.
2010-10-13 csjewell Updating location of perl tarball.
2010-10-11 csjewell Updating ignore list and deleting extra files added in import.
2010-10-11 csjewell Importing 5.12.2 files for Strawberry.