age author description
2011-10-20 Alexandr Ciornii XML::SAX now requires XML::SAX::Basedefault tip
2011-10-20 Alexandr Ciornii install DBD::mysql 4.020 on perl 5.14.0 and 4.018 on earlier
2011-07-20 Alexandr Ciornii newversion of LWP::Online
2011-07-11 Alexandr Ciornii commit of revert
2011-07-11 Alexandr Ciornii error-free vesion of XML::LibXML was released
2011-07-11 Alexandr Ciornii new version of XML::Parser
2011-06-25 Curtis Jewell Lock XML::LibXML to 1.74 - 1.75 does not build.
2011-06-17 Curtis Jewell version -> perl_version
2011-06-15 Curtis Jewell Get a version number right.
2011-06-14 Curtis Jewell Getting the merge detritus sorted out.
2011-06-14 Curtis Jewell Getting things merged together.
2011-05-30 Curtis Jewell A version of Win32::API has been released that works on x64.
2011-05-30 Curtis Jewell Upgrading version for default branch.
2011-05-30 Curtis Jewell Upgrading version for maint branch.maint-May2011
2011-05-30 Curtis Jewell Added tag 2.5001 for changeset b0b7982d848b
2011-05-31 csjewell Get revision numbers right.2.5001
2011-05-31 csjewell Preparing for release.
2011-05-31 csjewell Incrementing version of ::Libraries.
2011-05-31 csjewell Add a build of Math::Pari for 5.14.0
2011-05-25 chorny output which package is not defined
2011-05-11 csjewell Backed out changeset: 5659321f22fa
2011-05-10 csjewell Build DBD::mysql 4.019.
2011-05-10 csjewell I've decided to do after all.
2011-05-04 csjewell Add the date to smoketest builds.
2011-05-04 csjewell Give a different filename to smoketest-flagged builds.
2011-05-01 csjewell Updating to get ready for release.
2011-05-01 csjewell Commenting out 5.10.1 build.
2011-05-01 csjewell Update to use new version of Perl::Dist::WiX.
2011-04-29 csjewell Put Module::Signature in the right place.
2011-04-20 chorny version 0.67 of Module::Signature fails tests and can have serious problems on Windows, see
2011-04-20 chorny ignore Build.bat
2011-04-20 chorny force install of Win32::OLE
2011-04-20 chorny make sure that value is not undef
2011-04-20 chorny force Win32::EventLog because it can fail on only one computer
2011-02-24 csjewell A few more exclusions.
2011-02-24 csjewell Get ready for release.
2011-02-24 csjewell Skip this test unless automated.
2011-02-24 csjewell Add exclusions.
2011-02-24 csjewell Test META.json rather than META.yml
2011-02-19 csjewell Use Math::Pari .par built for 5.12.3.
2011-02-19 csjewell Fixing stray character.
2011-02-19 csjewell Build 32-bit versions with new pack.
2011-02-19 csjewell Reverting commit 7b3ac3ef
2011-02-19 csjewell Fix the 'missing-README' bug.
2011-02-14 csjewell Skipping Math::BigInt::GMP instead.
2011-02-13 csjewell Attempt to fix crashing tests during 5.12.3 build.
2011-02-13 csjewell Use JSON::XS as Parse::CPAN::Meta's JSON backend.
2011-02-13 csjewell Adding locations of version-specific libraries.
2011-02-13 csjewell Updating Changes to planned release date.
2011-02-13 csjewell Updating to check and tag against Mercurial now.
2011-02-13 csjewell Updating perldist script.
2011-02-13 csjewell Updating version numbers.
2011-02-13 csjewell Updating copyright dates.
2011-02-13 csjewell Updating to current default.
2011-02-08 csjewell Renaming this test for the moment
2010-11-05 csjewell Update locked version numbers.
2010-11-04 csjewell Updating version numbers and otherwise starting to get release-ready.
2010-10-25 csjewell Preparing for release.
2010-10-17 csjewell Better use of modifiers.
2010-10-17 csjewell Changing to 'defined-or' setting of defaults in BUILDARGS, as the previous code was not working.