age author description
2011-06-15 Curtis Jewell Get rid of toolchain mentions.default tip
2011-06-13 Curtis Jewell Switched over to gcc 4.4.6 packs.
2011-06-10 Curtis Jewell Updated version to 1.600, include routines from release-1.750 branch.
2011-06-10 Curtis Jewell Closing this branch. Made it too early.release-1.750
2011-05-30 Curtis Jewell Added tag 1.500 for changeset 8b1cac75dbdf
2011-05-30 Curtis Jewell Getting trial release ready.1.500
2011-05-30 Curtis Jewell Fix version compatibility.
2011-05-16 Curtis Jewell Forgot to change the repository location.
2011-05-16 Curtis Jewell Adding routines I think we'll need for 1.750.release-1.750
2011-05-16 Curtis Jewell Changing the version number to 1.750.release-1.750
2011-05-16 Curtis Jewell Committing all the patches now.
2011-05-16 Curtis Jewell Initial commit of everything but the patches.