age author description
2011-10-21 Alexandr Ciornii correct place for removal of removed Locale::Codes moduledefault tip
2011-10-20 Alexandr Ciornii skip Devel::DProf installation, RT#70629
2011-10-18 Alexandr Ciornii new version of
2011-10-18 Sasha new version of
2011-07-29 Alexandr Ciornii distroprefs for DBD::mysql 4.019
2011-07-26 Alexandr Ciornii File::Fetch tests fail for me
2011-07-26 Alexandr Ciornii perl 5.10.1 already contains all prereqs of File::Fetch
2011-07-25 Alexandr Ciornii install development version of CPAN
2011-07-25 Alexandr Ciornii A module was removed in Locale::Codes 3.17
2011-07-25 Alexandr Ciornii CPAN 1.9600 may not follow configure_requires
2011-07-25 Alexandr Ciornii EU::MM 6.58 was released
2011-07-11 Curtis Jewell Get the packlist location for Locale::Maketext right consistently.
2011-07-11 Curtis Jewell Use correct method call.
2011-07-11 Curtis Jewell Keep only the Windows directories for the base path when executing things.
2011-06-26 Curtis Jewell Added the parameters to the wrong routine.
2011-06-26 Curtis Jewell Add TODO comment.
2011-06-26 Curtis Jewell Get rid of undefined errors and instrument packlist finding.
2011-06-23 Curtis Jewell Implementing case-fixing.
2011-06-21 Curtis Jewell Catch libnet being upgraded.
2011-06-21 Curtis Jewell Switch it back - that:
2011-06-21 Curtis Jewell Switch the sense of the check - it's looking for the wrong thing.
2011-06-21 Curtis Jewell Deal with unknown argument error in Asset::File.
2011-06-19 Curtis Jewell Forgot that 64-bit Strawberry has no pari .par, so was having validation errors.
2011-06-19 Curtis Jewell Make Assets have strict constructors.
2011-06-16 Curtis Jewell Make library_directory an attribute with an overridable builder.
2011-06-15 Curtis Jewell And case insensitivity is now falsely making the check fail.
2011-06-15 Curtis Jewell Make sure the packlist for Version::Requirements is found.
2011-06-15 Curtis Jewell Forgot to move where $module_id was set in the last change.
2011-06-14 Curtis Jewell Override whether a dist is considered core during toolchain
2011-06-14 Curtis Jewell Can't use Template::Alloy quite yet.
2011-06-12 Curtis Jewell Eliminated Perl::Dist::WiX::Toolchain.
2011-06-12 Curtis Jewell Starting to eliminate Perl::Dist::WiX::Toolchain.
2011-06-12 Curtis Jewell A little more tracing.
2011-06-12 Curtis Jewell Starting work on making more things accessible to the plugins.
2011-06-10 Curtis Jewell Also attempt to get a packlist based on the dist name.
2011-06-09 Curtis Jewell Merge accidental double-heading.
2011-06-09 Curtis Jewell Make sure that cpan/cpandb.sql is filtered out.
2011-06-09 Curtis Jewell Make sure files loaded from a .msm are counted as being in a .msi.
2011-06-08 Curtis Jewell Fix installation of CPAN upgrades.
2011-06-06 Curtis Jewell Turn up to 10-at-a-time in install_modules call.
2011-06-06 Curtis Jewell Make the output files easily sortable.
2011-06-06 Curtis Jewell Updating Changes file.
2011-06-06 Curtis Jewell Update all version numbers to 1.550.
2011-06-06 Curtis Jewell Adding File::Slurp and Capture::Tiny to the toolchain.
2011-06-06 Curtis Jewell Forcing EU::MM 6.57_11 for everybody now.
2011-06-06 Curtis Jewell Getting version numbers right.
2011-06-06 Curtis Jewell NOW the multiple-modules stuff is tested and works!
2011-06-05 Curtis Jewell Starting work on having multiple modules installable at one time.
2011-06-05 Curtis Jewell Forward-porting f487892d
2011-06-05 Curtis Jewell Added tag 1.500002 for changeset f487892d6c97maint-May2011
2011-06-05 Curtis Jewell Change where to release to...maint-May2011 1.500002
2011-06-05 Curtis Jewell Changes from running perlcritic.t.maint-May2011
2011-06-05 Curtis Jewell Forgot a 'use English'.maint-May2011
2011-06-04 Curtis Jewell Backport 0172494f, as well.maint-May2011
2011-06-04 Curtis Jewell fix mis-documentation for an attribute.
2011-06-04 Curtis Jewell Quick backport of 2a54a3dc while we're thinking about releasing a maint version.maint-May2011
2011-06-04 Curtis Jewell Backport of revisions 60125669, c8a45351, and 4d84f3b9 to maint-May2011.maint-May2011
2011-06-04 Alexandr Ciornii typo
2011-06-04 Curtis Jewell Import remove_tree in ::Util::Machine.
2011-06-04 Curtis Jewell Relocate the perl installed when building with a .msm, if needed.