age author description
2011-06-05 Curtis Jewell Forgot a 'use English'.maint-May2011
2011-06-04 Curtis Jewell Backport 0172494f, as well.maint-May2011
2011-06-04 Curtis Jewell fix mis-documentation for an attribute.
2011-06-04 Curtis Jewell Quick backport of 2a54a3dc while we're thinking about releasing a maint version.maint-May2011
2011-06-04 Curtis Jewell Backport of revisions 60125669, c8a45351, and 4d84f3b9 to maint-May2011.maint-May2011
2011-06-04 Alexandr Ciornii typo
2011-06-04 Curtis Jewell Import remove_tree in ::Util::Machine.
2011-06-04 Curtis Jewell Relocate the perl installed when building with a .msm, if needed.
2011-06-04 Curtis Jewell Get rid of the dependency on File::Remove, as we switch to File::Path, instead.
2011-05-30 Curtis Jewell Added tag 1.500001 for changeset e0f0bfe6cf4b
2011-05-30 Curtis Jewell Fix documentation.
2011-05-28 Curtis Jewell Add a TODO, and correct an error.
2011-05-27 Curtis Jewell Bump the version of files that have changed so far.
2011-05-27 Curtis Jewell Bump version number on maint-May2011.maint-May2011
2011-05-27 csjewell Note the 'break point' for mirroring.
2011-05-27 csjewell Getting the Repository documentation up to date.
2011-05-27 csjewell Special-casing Unicode-Collate is no longer needed.
2011-05-25 chorny typo in comment
2011-05-20 csjewell Final preparations for release.1.500001
2011-05-20 csjewell Add and adjust ignore list for hg.
2011-05-20 csjewell Last few 'pass-the-author-test' changes.
2011-05-20 csjewell Passing perlcritic test.
2011-05-17 csjewell Make sure we only try to find the README file if we want it.
2011-05-17 csjewell 5.14.0 requires an updated version of MakeMaker.
2011-05-17 csjewell First support for 5.14.0.
2011-05-15 csjewell Get the README.txt tag reading the right way.
2011-05-15 csjewell Needed to dereference the answer to ->files().
2011-05-15 csjewell Take out some debugging code that was messing up relocation.
2011-05-15 csjewell This should allow the README file checkbox to be usable.
2011-05-14 csjewell Use a public routine instead of a private one.
2011-05-14 csjewell Make the builder do a few more things when creating a dist.
2011-05-14 csjewell Start using the extracted builder module.
2011-05-12 csjewell Don't install already-installed modules.
2011-05-10 csjewell Get version numbers upgraded.
2011-05-10 csjewell Stop forcing CPAN 1.94_64 now that 1.9600 is out.
2011-05-06 chorny create and use 'data' directory as homedir for Strawberry Portable
2011-05-06 csjewell Mislabeled parameter on an exception.
2011-05-05 chorny require MooseX::Singleton and WiX that are compatible with new Moose
2011-05-04 csjewell Dealing with bug reported as RT#67931 in the right place.
2011-05-04 csjewell Adding smoketest flag.
2011-05-04 csjewell Dealing with bug reported as RT#67931.
2011-05-04 csjewell Adding all command line arguments to execute command.
2011-05-01 csjewell Getting perlcritic test to pass.
2011-05-01 csjewell Update version number of file updated in r990.
2011-05-01 csjewell Clear additional environment variables.
2011-05-01 csjewell Get the last few files added.
2011-04-30 csjewell Catch the files that went missing.
2011-04-30 csjewell Code in 5.12.3 and 5.14.0 links.
2011-04-30 csjewell Updating version number on changed files to 1.500001.
2011-04-30 csjewell Adding check between the 'expected-zip' and 'expected-msi'.
2011-04-30 csjewell Checking for no dots in directory names in the type system.
2011-04-29 chorny remove cpan/Metadata too
2011-04-21 chorny typo
2011-04-19 chorny "-withoutworldwriteables" is part of archive name, but not part of inner directory name
2011-04-18 chorny new prereqs of Module::Build
2011-04-18 chorny special case Unicode-Normalize is no longer needed
2011-04-18 chorny skip upgrading all modules, skip modules installed into vendor, because they are already latest versions except when necessary to have an old version
2011-04-18 chorny skip Devel-DProf version with problems because it does not contain anything new
2011-04-17 chorny use old version of LWP, because new version creates problems for https on 64 bit systems
2011-04-17 chorny LWP dependencies for a new version (commented out)