age author description
2011-06-19 Curtis Jewell Adding 000_report_versions.t testdefault tip
2011-06-15 Curtis Jewell Get releasing stuff updated.
2011-05-18 csjewell Add MYMETA.json to MANIFEST.SKIP, ignore files.
2010-05-22 csjewell Check to make sure that the directories got created.
2010-04-23 csjewell Get correct Changes message in - it's not Process::Serializable.
2010-04-23 csjewell Now catches error that Perl::Dist::WiX::Toolchain gives when the blib directory does not exist during testing (because one of the Process modules assumes that it needs -Mblib to run.)
2010-04-22 csjewell Everything's up to date and ready to test Perl::Dist::Strawberry with.
2010-04-22 csjewell moving author tests from xt/ to xt/author
2010-04-22 csjewell Adding some tests and making sure that we can use Test::Perl::Dist as a release test.
2010-03-21 csjewell perltidy run, distdir cannot depend on authortest (it breaks the automation)
2010-03-21 csjewell Updating for portable being in site.
2010-03-21 csjewell Adding cleanup routine.
2010-03-20 csjewell 1) Adding environment variables to skip testing perl or testing modules.
2010-03-20 csjewell Updating tasklist for medium tests.
2010-03-20 csjewell Updating Test::Perl::Dist to work with xt/ testing, and the newest versions of Perl::Dist::WiX. (am running through release testing now.)
2009-09-26 csjewell Updating documentation, adding skip file.
2009-09-26 csjewell Fixing a bug - will release as 0.202 in short order.
2009-09-14 csjewell Bug fix (change an 8 to a 7) and prep for release.
2009-09-13 csjewell Renaming tests to match my standard naming style.
2009-09-12 csjewell Ignoring dist directories.
2009-09-12 csjewell Fix for disttest error.
2009-09-12 csjewell Updating Changes file to prepare for release.
2009-09-12 csjewell Fixing long test (it works now - time to get ready for a release.)
2009-09-12 csjewell perltidy and perlcritic run - all tests pass.
2009-09-12 csjewell Lots of work on Test-Perl-Dist (short and medium tests now work.)
2009-07-20 csjewell Pushing work on Test::Perl::Dist to the repository.
2009-07-14 csjewell Importing current work on Test::Perl::Dist