age author description
2011-06-05 Curtis Jewell Added tag 0.011 for changeset 90b40eaddd31default tip
2011-06-05 Curtis Jewell Change the release checks and upload locations.0.011
2011-06-05 Curtis Jewell Getting ready for release.
2011-05-01 csjewell Updating to require Moose 2.00
2011-02-23 csjewell Start version 0.010004 and tag 0.010003.
2011-02-22 csjewell Last before-release change.
2011-02-22 csjewell We'll release to there for a little longer.
2011-02-22 csjewell Start dealing with (MY)META.json files, as well.
2011-02-22 csjewell Revert one change...
2011-02-22 csjewell Getting ready for another release.
2010-10-20 csjewell Getting ready for release.
2010-10-16 csjewell 1) Make RegistryKey id not required (for now - it's only not required when action = 'none')
2010-10-12 csjewell Fix of keypath attribute.
2010-10-11 csjewell Updates to type specifications.
2010-10-03 csjewell Loosening up validation that was too tight.
2010-10-02 csjewell Getting ready for release.
2010-10-02 csjewell Updating requirement to latest version of Moose and of support modules (since RT#61001 is fixed in Moose 1.14)
2010-08-30 chorny use MooseX::Singleton 0.25 for compatibility with latest Moose
2010-08-27 csjewell One more directory to add to the ignore list.
2010-08-27 csjewell Ready to release WiX3 0.010.
2010-08-25 csjewell Quickly making sure release passes author testing.
2010-08-25 csjewell Adding a file to MANIFEST.SKIP.
2010-08-25 csjewell Getting ready for release.
2010-08-17 csjewell Adding tag types, Custom, CustomAction, and InstallExecuteSequence tags, and updating some of the tags to be more specific about tag types allowed.
2010-08-06 csjewell WixVariable tags need a \n for appearances sake.
2010-08-06 csjewell Updating StrictConstructor code in WiX3.
2010-08-06 csjewell Fix Property tag, add WixVariable tag.
2010-08-06 csjewell Adding Property tag and a role to support it.
2010-07-30 csjewell It turns out Moose 1.09 warns of a few things that previously were fine. Blocking it until post-release, when it can be fixed.
2010-07-29 csjewell Added test for registry keys and values, and made the value attribute become the inner text when they type is not a multiString.
2010-07-29 csjewell Updated StrictConstructor test with our current level of Moose requirement.
2010-07-29 csjewell Updated RegistryKey (and Types) to have an enum for the action attribute
2010-07-29 csjewell Updating.
2010-07-29 chorny processing of childs in RegistryKey
2010-07-29 chorny add WiX3::XML::RegistryValue
2010-07-29 chorny add comment about child type
2010-07-29 chorny add EnumRegistryValueAction
2010-07-29 chorny First attempt of WiX3::XML::RegistryKey
2010-07-29 chorny add EnumRegistryRootType
2010-07-29 chorny add EnumRegistryValueType
2010-07-29 chorny Add EnumEnvironmentAction
2010-07-28 csjewell Allow single quotes in attributes.
2010-07-09 csjewell Correct syntax error.
2010-07-09 csjewell Changed wrong version number.
2010-07-09 csjewell Adding a "push_tracelevel" routine to WiX3::Role::Traceable.
2010-05-28 csjewell Updating author tests, updating modules and build script to pass tests for release preparation.
2010-05-28 csjewell Preparing for release.
2010-05-28 csjewell We now can safely have DirectoryRef's traceable.
2010-05-27 csjewell Update Build.PL to accomodate new testing regime.
2010-05-27 csjewell Add new tests, rearrange old ones to be in directories by subject.
2010-05-27 csjewell Updating author tests.
2010-05-27 csjewell Fix to pass tests.
2010-05-27 csjewell Making WiX3::Traceable the way to grab onto a tracing object, and WiX3::Role::Traceable just calls to that object, rather than storing one themselves.
2010-05-26 csjewell A fix for newest version of Moose.
2010-05-26 csjewell Moose now checks to see if an error class isa Moose::Error::Default.
2010-05-10 csjewell Catching a major time-waster when profiling.
2010-02-03 csjewell perlcritic/perltidy run...
2010-02-02 csjewell Updating Changes and metadata files.
2010-02-02 csjewell Updating copyright and version numbers in preparation for release.
2010-02-02 csjewell 1) Getting rid of MooseX::AttributeHelpers